Zedashe Ensemble

Polyphonic Songs and Folk Dances from the Republic of Georgia

Zedashhe Polyphonic Songs and Folk Dances from The Republic of Georgia


"Sublime vocal work from a contemporary Georgian ensemble – but one who work strongly in the best ancient modes of the Eastern world! The group have an amazing polyphonic approach – voices rising and falling, crossing and turning, coming together in a way that's far more than usual choral work – with a heavenly quality that's completely transcendent! The approach is a bit like some of the Bulgarian choral work made popular a few decades back, but also a bit more folksy too – given the personal approach of the recording, and the use of light acoustic instrumentation and percussion from time to time – although the vocal passages are clearly the main focus here. CD features 25 tracks in all – some traditional, some more recent, all of them beautiful!"

"Zedashe purveys and preserves a unique and valuable part of our planet’s musical traditions."

"I highly recommend the CD to sophisticated listeners from any genre--not just world and folkloric. Treat your ears to the truly exotic." WholeMusicExperience.com

Comments from Audiences & Workshop Participants

"I was so enchanted with Zedashe's last appearance that I decided to go to Georgia and experience this music for myself. Having had the opportunity to do so through Village Harmony in 2002, I am now a full-fledged "Georgiaphile." I returned to Georgia in 2003 with my wife, and am planning a visit with two fellow singers this coming fall!"  Mark Grieco, Saxton’s River, VT

Georgian song changed my life. The haunting qualities and direct connection to the heart… it’s irresistible. Georgia is all about community; my first visit (so far!) allowed me to forge strong connections with our Georgian hosts, and has lead to the formation of a local Georgian trio. – Silvio Eberhardt, Williamstown, MA

Beware Zedashe. Their impeccable tuning and the casual air with which they deliver small choral gems to your unbelieving ears will, at the very least, afford you glimpses of the High Caucasus in the times of warrior knights and mountain fortresses. Singing with Zedashe in Georgia changed my life…. It could happen to anyone." Susan Miller-Coulter, Burlington, VT

"I can say that whenever a member of Zedashe opens their mouth, a cathedral-worth of sound comes out!" Sarah Burghardt, Grinnell College, Iowa

"Zedashe made an enormous impression on me when I heard them in St. Paul's Cathedral in Burlington. The group's program that day featured pieces from all over Georgia, sacred and secular — a feast of musical offerings. The sonorities of the whole group, the fabulous ornamentation of the solo singers, the wonderful commentary — all made for an unforgettable afternoon, and awoke a hunger for more that has led to the trip to Georgia that I'm about to embark on." Don Jamison, Burlington, VT

"From the first moment you hear Georgian music, it draws you in. When you hear the group Zedashe in concert, you immediately find yourself in the presence of individuals who treasure the rich culture and history of Georgia - expressing the beauty of their people, heritage, and nation through music and dance. The experience is captivating." David Lucs, New York City